Single Chamber (SSI) Window to the Heart®

Single Chamber (SSI)

PACE® Model 101 single chamber (SSI) cardiac pacemaker is designed for safe and effective temporary stimulation of the heart in cases of rhythm disturbances and conduction defects. Specifically, PACE® Model 101 is intended for temporary atrial or ventricular pacing and supports synchronous (VVI, AAI) and asynchronous (V00, A00) operating modes as well as the rapid atrial pacing.

Four large controls for pacing mode, pacing rate, output amplitude (stimulation) and sensing threshold (sensitivity) provides a simple user interface.

LEDs associated with optional audible tones indicate sensed intrinsic events or stimulation pulses or critical device conditions, such as low battery charge.

For connection to extension cables and temporary pacing leads, PACE® Model 101 is available either with unipolar collets or with a combination of bipolar terminal and unipolar sockets for touch-protected (“shrouded”) pins, which most transvenous pacing leads are employed with.


  • Robust and lightweight
  • Large control dials promote ease of use
  • Two ranges of rapid atrial stimulation modes (x2 and x4)
  • Battery life of up to 38 days of continuous pacing
  • Operating modes VVI, AAI, V00, A00

The features and straightforward design of the PACE® Model 101 make it the ideal choice for physicians and nurses when speedy setup of temporary pacing is required in the emergency, operation room or ICU. The PACE® Model 101 is designed to be used with cardiac pacing lead systems for temporary atrial or ventricular pacing. The device can be employed for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Intended Applications:

  • Complete (third degree) or intermittent heart block
  • Symptomatic sinus bradycardia
  • Atrial or ventricular ectopic arrhythmia
  • Sick sinus syndrome (SSS)
  • Atrial tachyarrhythmia
  • Acute myocardial infarction-induced heart block
  • Stimulation during a ventricular asystole
  • Use during the replacement of an implantable pulse generator
  • Stimulation and monitoring before the implantation of a cardiac pulse generator

Key Features of
PACE® Model 101

Extension Cables
PACE® Model 101

An extension cable is sometimes helpful to place the external pacemaker savely.

All extension cables that can be connected to the two variants of the PACE® Model 101 for connecting all common stimulation electrodes are presented in the available brochure for easier understanding.