PSA 300®

Triple Chamber (DDD-BV) Pacing System Analyzer

Triple Chamber (DDD-BV) Pacing System Analyzer

The PSA 300® is a standalone, handheld, three-chamber pacing system analyzer and EP stimulator for use in pacemaker implantation and electrophysiology studies. The combination of breakthrough technology and 25 years of experience in cardiac pacing make the PSA 300® the most advanced pacing system analyzer on the market.

PSA 300® is released for the European and Japanese market.

Indications for Use

The PSA 300® is designed for use during the implantation of pacemakers and defibrillators to assess the placement of pacing leads and to determine the appropriate and optimal pacemaker settings for the implanted device. The PSA 300® also functions as a three chamber temporary pacemaker and has applications where such pacing modes are indicated for therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic purposes.

The universal heart stimulation (UHS) mode of the PSA 300® provides a fully customizable electrical stimulation system for the programming of trained electrical impulses. UHS mode functions as a diagnostic tool in EP examinations, particularly in clinical protocols for the induction of supra-ventricular tachycardia. The PSA 300® offers a simple but intelligent interface for programmable electrical stimulations (PES), allowing for the programming of synchronous and asynchronous burst trains, or incremental train patterns (ramp).


PSA 300® offers six Operating Modes:

1/A Atrial channel
2/RV Right ventricular channel
3/LV Left ventricular channel
DDD AV-synchronous stimulation
CRT Biventricular stimulation
UHS Universal Heart Stimulation


Applications of PSA 300®:

  • Electrophysiological diagnostic examinations (UHS mode)
  • Measurement of in-situ characteristics of impedance
    (commanded during sensing, continuous during pacing)
  • Measurement of P/R wave amplitudes and slew rates
  • Determination of capture thresholds
  • Test of antegrade conduction (Wenckebach point) and retrograde conduction
  • Temporary stimulation (DDD, DDI, D00, VVI, VDD, V00, AAI, A00), including biventricular pacing modes (DDD-BV, DDD-LV, DDD-RV)
  • High rate pacing (rapid atrial pacing)
  • Emergency pacing


Boasting an adaptive touchscreen interface, the PSA 300® is able to employ only those functions and measurements which are relevant to the specific application, reducing clutter and confusion for the engaged electrophysiologist or EP technician.



  • Compact size
  • 6.5” touch screen
  • Zoom feature for live ECG and IEGM analysis
  • USB port for data management
  • Customizable electrical stimulation system
    (UHS – Universal Heart Stimulator)
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 4 hours battery operating mode)
  • Compatible with standard extension cables and connectors

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