Temporary Pacemakers

Osypka Medical’s temporary cardiac pacemakers provide safe and effective pacing therapy. Each model is tailored towards preferred applications – may they require a small form factor, comfortable measurement of P/R Wave amplitudes, quality assessment of the pacing system, or dual and triple chamber pacing modes.

The single chamber temporary pacemaker with the smallest form factor, PACE® Model 101 is predestined for transvenous pacing applications in the emergency room or intensive care unit. Available in two styles featuring unipolar or bipolar terminals, PACE® Model 101 has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted temporary pacemakers.

PACE® Model 203 was designed with cardiac surgery pacing applications and the operators in mind. Practical features such as the measurement of intrinsic P/R wave amplitudes upon press of a button, or the impedance measurement for checking the quality of the extension cables and pacing leads bring a while deal of comfort to the operator.

PACE® Model 300 is the world’s first commercially available temporary bi-ventricular pacemaker. Individual programmable AV delay and VV delay find applications where the patient benefits from customized pacing such as in cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT).

EndoStim® pacing leads for transvenous applications, MyoStim® pacing leads for surgical applications and StimConnect® extension cables and adapters complete the portfolio (availability limited to territories).

Our Temporary Pacemaker Products and Disposables

PACE<sup>®</sup> Model 101

PACE® Model 101

Single Chamber (SSI)

PACE<sup>®</sup> Model 203

PACE® Model 203

Dual Chamber (DDD)

PACE<sup>®</sup> Model 300

PACE® Model 300

Triple Chamber (DDD-BV)



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