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Interactive Pacemaker Training

Osypka Meducate® offers a new training concept:

The first practical training with temporary pacemakers in interaction with the electrical heart simulator CoraSim®!

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CoraSim® Workstation:

Interactive Learning – Training – Trying!

Interactive training on the CoraSim® cardiac simulator provides security and profound knowledge about pacemaker functions and routine in determining the patient’s sensing and capture threshold.

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All pacemaker functions can be tested without endangering a patient. CoraSim® is the ideal training module for all users of external pacemakers in cardiac surgery, cardio-anaesthesia, cardiology and cardiotechnology.

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  • How do I measure the capture threshold?
  • How do I display the P-wave and R-wave amplitude?
  • How do I read the statistics to evaluate the number of stimulated cycles in the past period for a patient?
  • How can I activate the AutoSense function?
  • How do I start HighRate / Overdrive stimulation?
  • Where can I read the impedance for optimal placement of the stimulation electrodes?

Take a look at the training booklet and get started with CoraSim®!

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10 minutes for a quick test?

The CoraSim® software offers interactive tests with which you can check your knowledge again and again.

We are convinced that only repeated and interactive training on the external pacemaker leads to a profound knowledge of the pacemaker functions and thus the individually correct parameter settings for each patient can be guaranteed!

Setting up an internal clinic workstation in your department enables pacemaker training whenever and as often as it is needed!

Achieve and maintain consistently high levels of expertise across the entire team!

Routine and knowledge strengthen self-confidence and satisfaction and save time in everyday clinical life – and above all, it creates security for your patients!

CoraSim®, you will love it!



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Osypka CME™ – Continued Medical Education

Temporary Cardiac Pacemakers

Benefit of the Impedance Display
Benefit of the Impedance Display

The impedance display helps to check the electrode position and to analyze errors. It provides information about the quality of the electrical connection to the heart.

Measuring Intrinsic Cardiac Activity
Measuring Intrinsic Cardiac Activity

The pause function allows the intrinsic cardiac activity to be determined and the sensitivity of the pacemaker to be checked.

The Sensing and Capture Threshold!
The Sensing and Capture Threshold!

How are the sensing and capture tresholds set on the pacemaker PACE® model 203? This video illustrates it in detail.

Five Hints about PACE<sup>®</sup> Model 203
Five Hints about PACE® Model 203

Five notes on the basic understanding of the pacemaker PACE® model 203.

Educational Partnership between Universidad de San Jose, COBISA SA and Osypka Medical

We are proud to announce a new partnership between Osypka Medical, COBISA SA, and Universidad de San Jose. The collaboration will provide students with hands-on hemodynamics experience in the classroom and train them to become certified technicians.

The new Hemodynamic Certification program at Universidad de San Jose, San Ramon, one of the Costa Rican institution’s seven campuses, connects USJ students with COBISA SA and Osypka Medical’s technology and knowledge in the field. Students will learn to handle the latest medical equipment (including the temporary pacemakers PACE® Model 101 and PACE® Model 203, the CoraSim® interactive heart simulator, and the ICONCore® Electrical Cardiometry) and acquire a deeper understanding of the body’s circulatory system in the process. Under the mentorship of their esteemed professors and our highly skilled Osypka Medical team, the students will be exposed to a vital medical field and prepared to meet its challenges.