Temporary Myocardial Electrodes, Temporary Pacing Leads and Extension Cables MyoStim®, EndoStim® and StimConnect®

Temporary Myocardial Electrodes, Temporary Pacing Leads and Extension Cables


Temporary Myocardial Electrodes for Surgical Applications

Temporary myocardial electrodes, also known as “pacing wires” or “heart wires”, allow temporary pacing therapy during and post cardiac surgery.
Depending on the variant, heart wires are attached epicardially to the atrium and / or ventricle with the help of a heart needle or ligature, guided to the outside via a puncture in the abdominal wall (thoracic needle) and connected to an external temporary pacemaker.

The portfolio of heart wires is extensive. Specific types of fixation have proven effective for the atrium and the ventricle. A color code, blue or white, allows a distinction to be made between atrially and ventricularly attached heart wires.

Depending on your preference, heart wires are available with different numbers of poles (unipolar, bipolar or quadripolar) and pole design (in series or with bifurcation) and in different lengths (60 cm, 220 cm).
In addition, there are certain specifications for the different patient groups (adults, children and neonates).

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Temporary Pacing Leads for Transvenous Applications

Temporary pacing electrodes are passed transvenously to the heart for stimulation therapy, into the right atrium or ventricle and connected to an external temporary pacemaker. Floating stimulation electrodes (balloon catheters) do not require an X-ray control for this.

Transvenous stimulation electrodes are used for emergency stimulation or for peri-operative use. Special applications are, for example, rapid pacing during TAVI procedures.

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Extension Cables

In different cases it is helpful to use an extension cable to place the external pacemaker safely, easily visible and accessible as well as to give the patient more space.

Our range of extension cables for temporary stimulation is diverse. Disposable and reusable bipolar extension cables with different plug and screw connections are available.

If it should ever be necessary to connect stimulation electrode systems with touch-proofed (“shrouded”) 2 mm pins directly to one of our external pacemakers equipped with collets, this is possible with the EasyStim™ adapter.

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