PACE Series - Ease of Use

Cardiotronic’s temporary cardiac pacemakers, the PACE Series, are each made with the user in mind. Taking into account years of end-user feedback and technological advances, Cardiotronic has incorporated simple and intuitive improvements in the PACE 101™, PACE 203®, and PACE 300™*, that makes conventional temporary pacing effortless.

No Learning Curve Interface

Unlike traditional external pacemakers, the Cardiotronic PACE Series has an intuitive dial technology that allows for fast and easy access to stimulation and sensitivity settings for the atrium and ventricle.

Longer Battery Life

Through efficient design, Cardiotronic PACE Series are able to achieve a longer battery life than any of its competitors, providing up to 38 days of continuous pacing.

Accident Protection

All three PACE Series models are equipped with lock or protection features that safeguard against accidental changes in pacing therapy.

Auto Sense

With just a push of a button, both the PACE 203 and PACE 300 are able to automatically sense and measure intrinsic atrial and ventricular amplitudes and intervals, aiding in the determination of pacer settings.


Cardiotronic provides a 2 year limited warranty and technical support for all temporary pacemakers.

Pacemaker Clinic™

The Pacemaker Clinic™ is a program which interfaces the biventricular Cardiotronic Pacemaker models to the AESCULON® EC™ Monitor, allowing for straightforward and efficient CRT optimization.

Key Benefits of the Cardiotronic Pacemaker Series:

PACE 101

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Small and light weight
  • Stimulation rate up to 180 ppm
  • Rapid pacing with high rate function x2, x4 of pacing rate
  • Acoustic and optical indication for sensing and stimulation
  • Acoustic and optical error signals
  • Extended battery life (38 days)

PACE 203

  • Rapid adjustment of primary parameters via rotary dials
  • Continuous surveillance of battery life and pacing lead system integrity
  • Automatic setting of A-V delay, PVARP and MTR depending on the set pacing rate
  • Automatic sensitivity detection and tracking
  • Convenient and automatic measurement of P/R wave amplitudes
  • Emergency pacing mode (V00)
  • Customize, save and recall pre-set parameters
  • Statistical analysis to determine pacemaker dependency
  • Pacemaker optimization with AESCULON EC Monitor
  • Multiple options and accessories: BPI interface, external power supply

PACE 300*

  • Programmable inter-ventricular stimulation delay
  • Separate pacing lead terminals for each chamber
  • Individually programmable ventricular pacing and sensing channels
  • Similar user interface as PACE 203
  • Statistical analysis to determine pacemaker dependency
  • Pacemaker optimization with AESCULON Monitor

*Currently not US market released