Cost Advantage

The ICON and AESCULON EC monitors provide an easy, safe and cost effective method for hemodynamic monitoring in the hospital or outpatient clinic. With recent advancements in technology, healthcare professionals are now capable of making decisions to move toward cost-efficient and even more importantly, safer cardiac monitoring methods. Because of our unique design and technology, EC monitors are able to provide the accuracy that you would expect from invasive cardiac monitoring as well as safety and affordability. Our vision is to provide a low-cost alternative to promote the widespread use of hemodynamic monitoring in order to improve the quality of patient care.

Hospital cost-efficiency:

Compared to invasive, minimally invasive, and even other non-invasive systems, EC monitors are not only more affordable in respect to capital purchase, but also in disposable purchase. When including the amount of staff time saved and additional facility fees, EC monitoring has the potential to save an intensive care department $350,000 annually if compared to standard pulmonary artery catheter use.

  • Possible reduction in Medical, Cardiac, Surgical, Cardiothoracic, Pediatric, and Neonatal ICU’s
  • Further reduction in all adult and pediatric operating rooms
  • Reduction in medical staff time required for hemodynamic monitoring
  • Eliminates all risks associated with invasive and minimally invasive monitoring
  • Over 80% reduction in monitoring costs versus minimally invasive methods
  • Low cost and durable disposables
  • Further cost reduction when used in pediatric and neonatal ICU’s

Supplemental Material:

White Paper: ICU Technologies – Hemodynamic cost analysis