Optimizing AV and VV Timing in Biventricular Pacing

Pacing optimization using information from an electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiography (Echo) has been conducted in efforts to improve pacing therapy but is known to be very time consuming and costly. Schaumann et al. showed that an improved method of optimizing AV and VV delays with the Electrical Cardiometry (EC) Monitors. Schaumann determined that by recording stroke volume and cardiac output at fixed atrial rates, for three different AV timing and 5 different VV delays in left-to-right ventricular pacing, optimization could be conducted more effectively. [1] The setup of the EC Monitors and real-time hemodynamic measurements during pacemaker optimization of both the AV timing and interventricular pacing delay proved to be a superior pacing optimization method compared to using ECG and Echo.

[1] Schaumann, A. (2008). Electrical Velocimetry: A New Method for Optimizing AC and VV Timing. ESC.