Accessories - Non-Invasive Cardiac Monitors

Cardiotronic Sensors™ for Electrical Cardiometry™

The Cardiotronic Sensors™ are intended for use with EC™ monitors (the ICON® and AESCULON®). These sensors utilize a highly conductive AgCl wet gel, which provides instant electrical contact for high quality tracings. The strong adhesion ensures the sensor will stay in place despite sweaty, hairy, or oily skin. The Cardiotronic Sensors are 100% disposable and are available in various sizes and length-of-use, for neonate, pediatric, and adult populations.


Item No. Size Qty per pouch Pouches per box
iSense-Adult 4.5 cm 4 25
iSense-Pediatric 3.0 cm 4 25
iSense-Neonatal 2.5 x 1.0 cm 4 10

Tests and precautions have been taken to insure that the materials selected are biocompatible and provide optimal signal quality. The iSense Electrical Cardiometry Skin Sensors have passed the below biocompatibility tests required by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 10993- Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices:

  • Sensitization study to evaluate the potential of the sensors to cause delayed dermal contact sensitization.
  • Cytotoxicity study (in vitro) to determine the sensor’s potential of causing death.
  • Primary skin irritation to evaluate whether the topical application of the sensor can cause skin irritation.

EC Patient Cable

Electrical Cardiometry patient cable is specifically designed for use with the AESCULON and ICON. The EC patient cables are designed for measuring the signals necessary for determining hemodynamic parameters. The cable is shielded to protect it against defibrillation and electrosurgery.


Item No. Length Adaptor Leads Qty
EC Patient Cable (XN.EV02) 97 in 4 1

Vuelink Interface Cable

VueLink Interface Cable is necessary for interfacing the EC monitor with a Philips/HP patient IntelliVue monitoring system. VueLink Interface allows for the EC Monitor’s numerical data and waveforms to be displayed on a Philips/HP patient monitoring systems. The cable connects only to the Type B, Auxiliary Plus VueLink module (M1032A-A05).


Item No. Length Monitor Type Qty
ICON Vuelink Interface Cable 156 in ICON 1
AESCULON Vuelink Interface Cable 156 in AESCULON 1


Optional fixed height roll stand compatible with AESCULON® monitor


  • Adjustable tilt angle for optimal viewing
  • Utility basket with hooks for cable management
  • Handle with padded grip
  • Locking wheels


Item No. Height/Base/Weight Monitor Type Qty
AESCULON Roll Stand 43 in / 21 in / 10 lb AESCULON 1 

ICON Power Supply

The power cable for the ICON monitor serves as both a power supply and charger.


  • 78 inches in length
  • Double insulated
  • AC/DC adapter
  • Input: 100-240V~/50-60Hz/400mA
  • Output: 12V-8/1.25 A.


Item No. Length Monitor Type Qty
ICON Power Supply US 78 in ICON 1

AESCULON Power Cable

The power cable for the AESCULON monitor serves as both a power cable and charger.


  • 74 inches in length
  • Connector 1: NEMA 5-15
  • Connector 2: IEC C13 plug
  • Rating: 10A/125V


Item No. Length Monitor Type Qty
AESCULON Power Cable US 74 in AESCULON 1