August 2011

Continuous D02 is now available within the AESCULON, comprehensive cardiac monitor with Masimo Rainbow® technology.

March 2011

EC Monitors, the ICON and AESCULON Monitors are officially market released by Health Canada for clinical use.

“Cardiac output measurement, by means of electrical velocimetry, may be able to determine optimum maternal position during gestation, labour and caesarean delivery, by preventing vena caval compression and maximizing cardiac output and placental perfusion pressure” by Archer TL et al was published by Anesthesia and Intensive Care.

April 2011

“Impact of biventricular and left ventricular pacing on hemodynamics and left ventricular dyssynchrony compared with right ventricular pacing in the early postoperative period following cardiac surgery” by Z. Vichova et al was published by

Summary: This publication addresses the use of the PACE 300 for postoperative pacing in children (14 patients, age 0-2 years) who underwent surgery for congenital heart defects in Lyon, France. According to this publication, RA-BiVP improves CO compared with traditional RA-RV pacing in the early postoperative period following pediatric cardiac surgery.